Principal's Desk

Dear Students,

I am pleased that you have thought of joining Shivalik Institute of Education & Research, Mohali for your voyage of discovery and growth. We in S.I.E.R., welcome all students who are keen to embark on a journey to create a society where we nurture on intellectual vigor that reflects a fusion of our culture and contemporary scientific developments.


With the squeeze on our resources and its tremendous cost to the community, higher education in India is more a privilege today than the right that it has been considered by so many for so long. This places an enormous obligation on both students and institutions to make the most of scarce resources in our country.We look for students who have seriousness of purpose both in the classroom and outside and who are willing to steer the quest beyond course requirements and the limitations of the examination system.Here in S.I.E.R., faculty, students and alumni have a sense of pride, responsibility and an awareness of the obligations that come from being a member of the S.I.E.R. community.It is a community that grows each year with the admission of new students.We welcome all those who wish to share in our striving.If your commitment to your potential is sufficient to sustain you through the demands of our striving - both academic and co-curricular, we welcome your admission to S.I.E.R.


Good Wishes

Dr. Jyoti Soni (Principal)