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Academic Calendar 2023-24

Session 2021-2022(January 2021- May 2021)(ACADEMIC CALENDAR)

Session 2018-20(ACADEMIC CALENDAR)

Session 2017-19 (ACADEMIC CALENDAR)

Session 2016-18 (ACADEMIC CALENDAR)


S. No.DateActivity
112th to 14 Aug, 2015College opens, Orientation Program me
215th Aug, 2015Independence Day Celebrations
3From 17th on-wards teaching starts 
424th to 25th Aug, 2015Talent Hunt Competitions
526th Aug, 2015Student Council Elections
Morning Assembly Sec-A (For the month of September, 2015)
65th Sept, 2015Teachers Day Celebrations and Janamashtmi
790-10th Sept, 2015Workshop on Higher Order Thinking Skills
814th Sept, 2015Class Seminars Paper 1
916th Sept .2015World Ozone Day (HOPE Club)
1021st Sept, 2015Class Seminars Paper II
1125th Sept , 2015Class Seminars Paper III
1226th Sept, 2015One day Trip
1328th Sept to 3th Oct., 2015Autumn Break
Morning Assembly Sec-B (For the month of October, 2015)
144rd Oct, 2015Gandhi Jayanti (Peace Club)
155th to 10th Oct, 20151st Terminal Exams
161501 Oct, 2015Workshop on Best out of waste
1716th Oct, 2015World Food day-Awareness Generation Club
1819th Oct, 2015Class Seminars Paper IV
1920-28october,2015Micro Teaching
2031th Oct, 2015World Students Day (Human Rights Club)
Morning Assembly Sec-A (For the month of November, 2015)
217th Nov, 2015Dushera/Diwali Celebration (Cultural Club)
2215th -20th nov,2015IInd Terminal Exams
2325th Nov, 2015International day of elimination of violence against women & celebration of Guru Nanak Dev jis birthday (interactive club)
Morning Assembly Sec-B (For the month o f December, 2015)
242nd Dec, 2015World AIDS Day (Red Cross Club)
2520 Dec , 2015 onwardsFinal Exams
Morning Assembly Sec-A (For the month of January, 2016)
264th-9th Jan, 2016NSS Camp
277th Jan, 20I 6Semester II Starts
2813th Jan, 2016Lohri Celebrations/ gender sensitization/ international thanks giving day (Cultural club/Human Rights club)
2918th Jan„2016Class Seminar paper 1
3019th-20th Jan, 2016Workshop on lesson planning
3122nd Jan, 2016Class Seminar Paper II
3226th Jan,2016Republic Day
3329th -30th Jan, 2016Workshop on PD&CS
Morning Assembly Sec-B (For the month of February, 2016)
343rd Feb,2016Inter College Competitions
359th Feb .2016Heritage Sports Day
3612th Feb, 2016Basant Panchami /World thinking day/ international mother language day workshop( interactive Club/Cultural club)
3715th feb,2016Class Seminar Paper III
3816th -19th Feb,20 I 6Macro lessons Demonstrations
3922nd-29th feb,20161st Terminal Exams
Morning Assembly Sec-A (For the month of March, 2016)
402nd March, 2016Class Seminar Paper IV
418th March 2016International Women's Day (Human Rights & Duties club & Welfare club)
42181h March, 2016Class Seminar Paper V
4319th -22nd March, 2016Long trip
4422nd march,2016World water day(HOPE club)
4530th marchBest prospective teacher program me
Morning Assembly Sec-B ( 7or the month of April, 2016)
462nd April, 2016Job Fest (Placement cell)
474th April, 2016World Health Day (Awareness Generating Day)
4811th -15th April, 2016Second term exams
4923rd April, 2016World Book Day Committee)
501st week of MayFinal Exams 1st week of may


Internship in Semester III along with some college Activities & Semester IV planning Will be according to the New Academic Calendar of session 2016-18.

Session 2014-15 (ACADEMIC CALENDER)

014th to 8th Aug, 2014College Opens, Orientation Programme
Morning Assembly Sec-A (For the month of August, 2014)
02From 9th Aug, 2014 onwards regular teaching starts 
0315th Aug, 2014Independence Day Celebrations
0421st to 23rd Aug, 2014Talent Hunt Competitions
0528th Aug, 2014Student Council Elections
0629th Aug, 2014Workshop on Punjabi Typing & MS Word
Morning Assembly Sec-B (For the month of September, 2014)
075th Sept, 2014Teachers Day Celebrations
088th Sept, 2014World Literacy Day Celebrations (Interactive Club)
99th Sept, 2014Excursion
1010th to 11th Sept,2014HOTS Workshop
1115th Sept, 2014Class Seminar (Paper – I)
1216th Sept, 2014World Ozone Day Celebrations (Science Club)
1322nd to 27th Sept, 2014Micro Teaching Skills
1430th Sept, 2014International Day of Peace & World Natural Disaster Reduction Day Celebrations (Peace Club & HOPE Club)
Morning Assembly Sec-C (For the month of October, 2014)
156th to 11th Oct, 2014Ist Terminal Examination
1615th Oct, 2014World Cane Day Celebrations ( Share & Care Club) & Best Out of Waste Workshop