The total collection of the library is 7062 books having 4432 unique titles. 10 journals are subscribed and are kept on display racks with old issues of those periodicals so that they can be easily accessed by users.  7 Leading Newspapers have been made available in the library.  The library also has a collection of good books on English, Punjabi and Hindi Literature for leisure reading and on the other important subjects like Religion etc.


  • Books
  • Journals
  • Magazines
  • Surveys
  • Newspapers
  • Paper of Examination
  • Annual reports
  • Question bank
  • Micro and Macro files
  • Prospectus/seminars brochures
  • News of the college
  • Newspaper clippings

Services Provided By the Library

Users Awareness Programmes :The library takes an active part in the orientation programme organized by the institute for the benefit of new students in the beginning of academic year. They are taken around the library to familiarize them with various resources and services available for them.

Circulation of Books: B.Ed. Students - 3 books for the period of 10 days

                                 Alumni- 2 books for the period of 7 days

                                 School Staff - 2 books for the period of 7 days

                                 Staff/Faculty Members- 8 books

OPAC : Library provides Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) facility to users using it. Users could search for the book available in the library giving bibliographic details.

WebOPAC : Library has WebOPAC facility that provide information about the collection available in the library at a click of a mouse.

Open access : Library has implemented an open access facility to users. Users can themselves scan through the library collection and take out the book of their interest.

Reference Service : A service that helps you to make full use of the resources in the library.It includes guidance in the use of information resources and services and Instructions for accessing OPAC, journals, books etc.

Resource Sharing : The library maintains excellent (Inter-library loan) relations with a Shivalik Public school phase 6 Mohali library for exchange of books, journals, Newspaper for the mutual benefits of the users..

Information Alert New arrivals Services : A list of recent addition of books added to the collection, newspaper clippings related to recent trends in education are displayed on the notice board. The library also displays announcements and list of articles of general interest from the newspaper.

Best Library User Award: To motivate students to make use of library and its services, A ‘Best Library User Award’ has been given every year to one student and been awarded at the Annual Award function of the college.

Book Bank : Book Bank facility is provided to needy and Economically Backward Students.

PhotoCopy Service : Photocopying facilities are available to students who wish to get copies of books and other documents.


S.No. Name of the DVD's
1 Encyclopedia of Earth, Universe, Science and Facts
2 Encyclopedia of India :History of India, Geography of India and India Our Nation
3 Fundamental: Math, Science and English
4 English Grammar: Verbs, Nouns, Adverb, Adjectives, Sentences, Articles
5 Phonetics and Punctuation
6 Science 8th Class
7 Science 6th Class
8 Mathematics 6th Class
9 Social Science 8th Class
10 Social Science 6th Class


S.No. Name of the Journal Frequency
1 Journal of Indian Education Quarterly
2 School Science Quarterly
3 The Primary Teacher Quarterly
4 Indian Educational Review Half Yearly
5 University News Weekly
6 Researchers’ Tandem Quarterly
7 Edutracks Monthly
8 Psycho Lingua Half Yearly
9 Edujourn: International Journal of Education Half Yearly
10 Journal of Community Guidance &Research Quarterly


S.No. Name of the Magazine Frequency
1 India Today Weekly
2 Week Weekly
3 Sportstar Fortnightly
4 Grehshobha Fortnightly
5 Competition Success Review Monthly
6 G.K. Today Monthly
7 Preet Lari Monthly
8 Sirjana Monthly
9 Akkhar Monthly
10 Hun Monthly


S.No. Name of the Newspaper Frequency
1 The Tribune Daily
2 The Hindustan Times Daily
3 The Times Of India Daily
4 Danik Bhaskar Daily
5 Punjabi Tribune Daily
6 Ajit Daily
7 Employment News Weekly
8 Indian Express Daily


S.No. Name Volume
1 Encyclopedia of Education Vol 1-8
2 Encyclopedia of History of Education Vol 1-4
3 Encyclopedia of Educational Administration Vol 1-5
4 Encyclopedia of Psychology of Education Vol 1-2
5 Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Education Vol 1(A-I) 2 Sets Vol 2(J-Z) 2 Sets
6 Encyclopedia of the History of Science Vol 1-2 2 Sets
7 Encyclopaedia Apollo Vol 1-14
8 Encyclopedia of Educational Development Vol 1-5
9 Encyclopedia of Games  
10 Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine  
11 Encyclopedia of Sports Records  
12 Encyclopedia of Modern Methods of Teaching English Vol 1-7
13 Encyclopedia of Child Health  
14 Encyclopedia of World Great Psychologists Vol 7
15 Encyclopedia of Modern Techniques of School Education Vol 6
16 Encyclopedia of Sikhism Vol 1-3
17 Encyclopedia of Educational Foundations And Development Vol 1-2 3 Sets
18 The New Encyclopedia Britannica Vol 1-32
19 Modern Century Illustrated Encyclopedia Vol 1-16
20 Oxford Children’s Illustrated Encyclopedia  
21 Science And Technology Encyclopedia Vol 1-7
22 The International Wildlife Encyclopedia Vol 1-20
23 The International Encyclopedia of Educational Evaluation  
24 Popular Mechanics Do It Yourself Encyclopedia Vol 1-16
25 The Raintree Illustrated Science Encyclopedia Vol 1-20
26 The New Junior World Encyclopedia Vol 1-21
27 The Macmillan Family Encyclopedia Vol 1-21
28 The World Book Encyclopedia Vol 1-22
29 The New Columbia Encyclopedia  
30 The Columbia Encyclopedia  
31 International Encyclopedia of The Social Sciences Vol 1-18
32 The Young Children’s Encyclopedia Vol 1-16 3 Sets
33 The Illustrated Encyclopedia of History  
34 The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Geography  
35 The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Biology  
36 The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Earth  
37 The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Science  
38 Illustrated Encyclopedia of Science And Nature Vol 1-16
39 Kingfisher Child’s World Encyclopedia Vol 1-10
40 International Encyclopedia of Higher Education Vol 1-8
41 International Encyclopedia of Learning To Live Together Vol 1- 4
42 The Encyclopedia of Human Development & Education : Theory, research and studies  
43 Philips Nature Encyclopedia  
44 The Hamlyn junior Encyclopedia in color  


S.No. Name Volume/Year Publisher
1 Third Survey of Research In Education Vol 1 (1978-1983) NCERT
2 Fifth All India Educational Survey Vol 1-2 NCERT
3 Fifth Survey of Educational Research Vol 1-2 (1988-1992) NCERT
4 Sixth Survey of Educational Research Vol 1 (1993-2000) NCERT
5 National Family Health Survey Vol 1 International institute for population sciences
6 Third All-India Educational Survey Vol 1 NCERT